Speech Templates

Yeah. Speechy’s DIY kits are about to land!

We’ve spent months designing our uber-templates to help you guys create your own cracking speeches.

Unlike other templates they’re not just cut and paste jobs. They’re intelligently designed so you can build a speech that’s original.

So how’s that possible? Well, we extract loads of juicy details from you before we even get to the speech-writing bit. By asking you a series of simple questions, our templates build comedy in your speech without resorting to tired wedding gags, and ensure your speech is genuine & heartwarming without becoming clichéd.

There’s also a choice of three themes to ensure your speech is the perfect fit for you, the wedding and the impact you want to make. And did we mention each template’s been crafted by BBC trained comedy scriptwriters?

So hello dream speech, goodbye stress…

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Bride article Wedding IdeasSo you want to make your wedding speech a bit blooming brilliant?

Simply use the ‘category’ section to the right to tell us what your role is in the wedding and we’ll suggest some useful articles for you. For advice on things like ‘delivering your speech’ click on ‘Tips & Advice’ or just feel free just to plough through the pages and be inspired by our nonsense.

You may recognise some of the articles from the wedding magazines as they seem to like our advice too!


Groom’s Speech – Dos and Don’ts

groom really laughing creditRight step away from the etiquette books and don’t go near those templates. Those bad boys are lethal. What you need is our guide to the groom’s speech dos and don’ts.

In a nutshell, your wedding speech should be a reflection of you and your bride – completely unique, rather sweet and just a little bit crazy.

Here’s what you need to do…


Wedding Speech Etiquette

the Speech...When we speak to clients most want a speech which feels completely unique but also follows traditional wedding speech etiquette. Luckily we like a challenge…

What we advise is this… be polite, be grateful but don’t be tied down by traditions which make speeches sound ‘samey’, clichéd or lazy.

That said, a marriage gets off to a good start if the Groom remembers to thank his mum in law and it’s important to know the traditions before you decide whether to ignore / follow / or shake them up. So here’s a summary of the traditional (Christian-based British) wedding speech etiquette, followed by our Speechy stance on it.


Father of the bride speech

father of the bride 2The father of the bride is the opening act. He’s the wedding’s warm up man. The person in charge of making everyone feel welcome and his daughter feel special. The father of the bride speech is, in essence, important.

You have the power to get everyone in the room laughing and kick start the newlyweds union with a bang, or equally, bore everyone to tears with tales of your daughter’s flute playing skills in primary school.

Of course there’s lots of traps that fathers of the bride fall victim to…


The Best Man’s Speech – Dos and Don’ts

toastExpectations are high for a Best Man’s Speech. Higher than Sam Smith’s vocal range after he’s been kicked in the nether regions; higher even than Keith Richard’s alcohol intake in 1968 (a vintage year).

The good news is expectations can be exceeded. Best men speeches have become a bit clichéd over the last decade, especially with the amount of templates knocking around online.

If you’re creative and clever then you can still be a revelation. You can make the newlyweds smile, the bridesmaids interested and the compliments coming past midnight. Just follow our advice…


Mother of the bride speech

mother of the brideWe really enjoy writing mother of the bride wedding speeches but the mums themselves are often our most nervous clients.

Let’s start by reassuring you, it’s no longer unusual to have mothers giving a speech. Sometimes mums are asked to say a few words because the bride’s father’s passed away. Sometimes they’re asked so the bride avoids the dad versus step-dad debate. Sometimes, of course, the mother’s asked to speak in addition to the father, simply because the bride thinks she’s wonderful and knows she has a lot to say!

Whatever the reason, take comfort in the fact that all the mothers we’ve worked with have told us that, despite months of worrying, they actually enjoyed giving the speech on the day.

So let’s work on how to avoid the months of worrying…


The Bride’s Speech


Like a free bar stocked with craft beers and Bollinger, giving a bride’s speech is a sure-fire way of impressing not only your guests but your husband too.

Admittedly it’s another ‘to do’ to add to the list but here’s the thing… a bride’s speech totally ROCKS a wedding and it may just be the coolest thing you can add to your day. Here’s why…