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To help you write the perfect bride speech, here are some of our favourite speeches we’ve ever seen.

Traditionally, bride speeches are less common than groom speeches. But why should that be the case? Why should the men have all the fun, telling those funny or embarrassing stories about how you first met and gradually (or, in some cases, very gradually) fell in love?

There’s no reason a bride speech can’t be as funny as the best man’s or the father of the bride’s. We’ve seen some hilarious bride speeches which can steal the show and, with our help, you can nail yours for your wedding too!

Here are SEVEN first-class bride speeches with some Speechy advice (and warnings!) attached.

The Comedian

Think a bride speech has to be soppy? Think again! This speech hints at sentimentality and turns it on its head, comparing her husband – not to a rock – but a mattress.

This speech gets off to a funny start right at the beginning, calling her husband the ‘less moist public speaker’ of the two. It’s perhaps a bit more risqué than some brides are willing to be at points, but if your audience will go along with it, why not! You know the people in the room better than anyone – what would they like to hear??

And don’t be intimidated by how good her delivery is. She is, after all, actually a comedian. But we can help you deliver your speech just as well with our all-new Speechy Delivery Coaching Service.

Funny Meets Cute

If you for SOME REASON needed convincing that bride speeches can also be hilarious, hopefully after these first two you’re converted.

This bride rattles through joke after joke as she tells an amusing story of how they met. We’re used to seeing grooms do this and – not that it’s a competition – but I can’t imagine many grooms getting anywhere near as many laughs as this awesome bride.

You don’t need to have finely-scripted gags to make your speech amazing. The big merit of this speech is the painfully true story of how they met and their early dates. If you sit down and have a good think about your husband-to-be, you’ll inevitably have as many funny stories as this person. Even if you aren’t lucky enough to have married ‘the most famous person from Frome’ (we can all but dream).

The Epic One

The last speech taught us that to be funny; you don’t have to make joke after joke. This bride follows suit by telling their unique backstory in a well-structured and elegant way.

Your speech doesn’t need to be almost ten minutes long, but at no point does this feel like it drags. It’s funny, it’s emotional, and it’s only right that the bride is afforded such freedom in the speech, given how proactive she was in getting them together in the first place!

Role Reversal

If anyone stubbornly thinks it’s the ‘man’s job’ to make speeches at a wedding, show them this and they’ll quickly change their mind!

This bride makes fun of the gender reversal by lampooning a ‘perfect wife guide’ from the 1950s. It’s short but funny and just the right level of mocking. Plus her finale – ripping up the guide and calling herself her husband’s ‘new boss’ is excellent.

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The Perfect Match

Another recap of the couple’s relationship from the beginning to now. Again, it’s long, but we like the theme the bride has chosen here – about extrovert meeting introvert.

Finding some truth in the way you and your husband-to-be perfectly complement each other makes writing the speech easy – all you have to do is find some good examples that demonstrate this and people will be lapping it up!

Young Vanilla Ice

Another funny speech from Ireland. We at Speechy don’t necessarily encourage singing – much less rapping. But if it suits your relationship and you’re happy to spit lyrics, we’re not stopping you!

This fun parody of ‘Ice Ice Baby’ (which, oddly, seems to be quite a common choice of wedding song) is a perfect, three-minute representation of the bride. Sure, some of the rhymes are… mixed. But no one at the wedding will forget it in a hurry.

Embarrassing First Date

This is another excellent speech, but we’re going to nitpick a little at the beginning. When thanking people, be aware that doing so and handing a gift to everyone is time-consuming and can be a little tiresome for those watching. A few simple words and then gifts after the speech is done will suffice!

However, skip to four minutes, and there’s a great story about the bride’s daughters meeting her one-day husband for the first time. It’s a nice twist on the typical bride-meets-groom speech and – importantly – it’s funny!

So that’s how these brides did it! Still unsure how you want to go about yours? Head over to our expert bride speech advice page. 

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