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The best things come in twos, we all know that. Fish and chips, vodka and coke, The Chuckle Brothers.

In the old days, being a best man was a one-man job. But nowadays, the more friends and family you’ve got to pay tribute to a groom, the better!

It’s increasingly popular to have two – sometimes even more – best men. Occasionally the best men may delegate wedding duties amongst themselves, ‘you take the stag, I’ll handle the speech’. But we particularly enjoy it when they grace the stage to deliver it together.

However, as with anything, numbers alone are not enough to make up for true quality. The results can sometimes be shambolic (e.g. Blazin’ Squad). But follow the below advice and you’ll be forming a noughties British hip hop group – sorry, reading the perfect joint best man speech in no time.

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Planning Your Joint Speech

All good wedding speeches are meticulously planned. No one’s ever performed a great speech by just going ‘I’ll wing it’.

You might think because there are two of you the chances of pulling it out of the bag goes up. But oh boy it does not. In fact, joint wedding speeches arguably need more planning.

But this is the fun part! Get together to brainstorm and make a list of everything you can remember about the groom. Funny stories, embarrassing anecdotes. It’s all fair game.

Naturally, you’ll both remember different things so, unlike a typical best man speech, you’ll have double the potential content!

Then, when you have everything, go through it and only choose the crème de la crème. The bits that really have you laughing.

Writing Your Joint Speech

You could sit together and try to write it, throwing jokes back and forth like a Simpsons writers room. But we’d suggest doing this separately. At least for the first couple of drafts.

If one of the best men writes the first draft according to the plan you wrote in stage one this should mean less arguing over what goes in. Then, when they’re happy with it, pass it over to Best Man #2 to edit it and add their thoughts.

Once that’s done, get back together again and try to ‘punch it up’ as much as you can, as you’re bound to think of some funny jokes and little details to turn any lulls into lols.

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Content & Structure

A joint speech is always going to have its own unique flourishes. But, at the heart, any best man speech is still a best man speech. So you need to do the basics.

The point of a best man speech is to praise (and, most likely, roast) the groom in five to six minutes. Unlike other wedding speeches, you don’t need to thank people for being there or welcome everyone to the wedding. The bulk of the speech will just be stories about the groom and why he and his bride/groom make such a perfect couple. For advice on this, please see our blog on Writing The Perfect Best Man Speech.

Where a best man speech differs, however, is you’re basically turning a speech into a little comedic duologue. For seven minutes, you’re the Ant and Dec of the wedding venue.

This means you need to allocate specific lines to specific best men, almost like a script. All of the little ‘ad hoc ad libs’ which seem as though they’re not scripted – guess what – they are! So script away your funny throws to each other or incredulous responses.

The fun thing about these speeches is you can inject your individual personalities into the speech even easier, responding to what the other says in shock, or adding the perfect one-liner on top.

On a separate note, a lot of joint speeches tend to have more props than a usual speech. These aren’t necessary and don’t feel compelled to do so. But if you want to utilise that perfect prop, make sure one of you is put in charge of organising them.

Joint Speech Rehearsal

As we’ve already mentioned several times, it’s important to do everything above with any best man speech, but DOUBLY important for a joint speech.

Keep practising the speech together. As there may be less for you to remember than a typical speech (presumably you’ll have half each), you may decide to go ‘off book’. This is totally up to you, but if you do, make sure you have prompt cards with you on the big day – just in case.

Ironically, it’s essential you rehearse the ‘ad libs’. Sure, there will be more on the day, but a shake of the head, or a well-timed eye-roll can add just as much laughter as a comedy line. Remember, you’re both on show throughout the speech. Even if you’re not speaking, you should be performing.

The good news is you’ll always have someone there to practice in front of, whether in person or over the phone/skype. But still, if you can, try to find other friends or family members who you can practice in front of, at least as the wedding grows closer.


It’s the big day. You’ve got the perfect speech and you’re prepped and ready to go.

… But it’s very different doing it in front of a crowd. Hopefully, knowing you have the other person with you, you’re a little less nervous. But either way, just read slowly, don’t talk over each other and stick to the script so you don’t force the other into some uncomfortable improv.

Follow the above advice and you’ll absolutely nail your joint speech. And, if you want a bit more hand-holing in advance, Speechy’s all new Delivery Coaching Service may be for you.

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