Letter to the Bride on Your Wedding Day

Yes, we at Speechy might be experts at wedding speeches. But we also have a soft spot for wedding day letters, which are basically mini-speeches when you think of it. The warm up to the headline act later on!

We love them because, like any good speech, they’re quick, can be funny and will also make your loved one feel extra special. Plus you don’t even need to read it out loud. Win win!

So if you want your bride to have all the feels on the morning of her big day, follow the below steps for the perfect start to your wedding. (And if you’re looking for help with your wedding speech – just jump to the bottom of the post for ideas and our Speechy Services!) 

What is a wedding letter?

Letter to brideIn case you’re not familiar with what a wedding day letter is, it’s basically a handwritten note which your bride will open on the morning of the wedding – usually when you’re not there.

It’s a nice touch to kick off the most memorable day of your life. Especially as the note will include all the reasons she’s so special to you, as well as explaining how excited you are for the day ahead and the rest of your lives together, even if you’re not spending the morning together.

It should be sweet, but it doesn’t have to be soppy if that’s not you. Keep it funny! However you write it, a wedding day letter is a perfect memento from the day. So remember – there’s every chance this is going to be framed and mounted on your living room wall… Just as an added incentive to make it extra special.


 Sure, it’s much shorter than the wedding day speech, but just because it’s shorter doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan it out.

 Yes, you could rush it and scribble whatever comes to mind down on a WH Smith’s pad. But – remember – that could end up framed on the wall and be a constant reminder of your impatience. 

Instead, take your time a good few weeks before the wedding and think about what you want to say. If you’ve been writing a groom speech anyway you can probably follow some tips from that, perhaps using some of the stories you didn’t use in your speech. But remember, keep it short and sweet (a few paragraphs will do) and don’t include anything major from your speech as you don’t want that surprise ruined!

Similarly, no matter how bad your handwriting is, this is one that looks a lot better hand-written. So take your time with it and use a nice pen.

Finally, if this is going to be a surprise, arrange a family member who’s going to ‘deliver’ it to your bride (this is a pretty big responsibility, so don’t give it to your nosy brother). Or, if you and your bride have explicitly said you’re going to swap wedding day letters, decide when, where and how you’re going to do this with your bride in advance, without ruining the surprise of the contents of the letter.

Love letter to bride

What to include

As with your speech, you want the letter to be the perfect summary of you and your brilliant bride’s relationship. However, you also need to consider the context. This will be the first, or one of the first things your partner sees when they wake up on their wedding day.

So, perhaps it’s a good idea to start by making light of why you’re not there when they read this letter or talk about how excited you are to see them later, despite being apart for a few short hours. From here you can talk about how you imagine you’ll be feeling this morning or what you’ll be thinking the first time you see your bride.

Writing a love letter for your bride

From then on you have many options. You can talk about the moment you fell in love, the moment you met, why you’re getting married, anything. But we think, as with your speech, it’s better to tell a story. Find something funny and personal that perfectly sums you two up. A story about how nervous you were for your first date – and how much more nervous/excited you are today. Or maybe it’s even a story about the first morning you spent together?

Just a short story, or a short couple of stories, will really make this stand out more than empty romantic adjectives. Then at the end you can include something poignant – a favourite quote, a poem – or make some promises, in a similar fashion to the vows from your speech. These can be as silly as you like. You promise to always put enough water in the kettle for two, as opposed to just making a cup of tea for yourself. Or you promise to let her choose the next series on Netflix. Whatever makes you you, include it!

Finally, sign the letter with your name, pop it in an envelope and hand it to your most trustworthy relative to deliver (note: not that nosy brother from earlier). Your bride will be overjoyed on the morning and start the day off you both mean to go on – crying and laughing in equal measure!

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