Make Your Wedding Speech Funny

laughterHere’s the good news. You don’t need to be naturally funny to give a funny wedding speech.

The bad news is you have to work at it.

Funny Wedding Speech Advice

There’s lots of different comedy writing techniques (playing with opposites, misdirection, misunderstanding, exaggeration, the rule of three) and lots of good books on the subject. The Secrets of Writing Great Comedy by Lesley Bown and The Serious Guide to Joke Writing by Sally Holloway are both easy reads, funny in themselves and worth a look.

But if you don’t have the time or inclination to study the art of comedy of the sake of an eight minute speech, don’t worry, we have.

The Secret To Writing a Funny Wedding Speech

Hell yeah. Who doesn’t love a secret? And this one’s good.

You see with a wedding speech you have a ready-made character. Forget the clichéd jokes about weddings or that comedic advice for a long lasting marriage you found on Google (shame on you), what you need to do is focus on the people round the Top Table. People find comedy in things they recognise and luckily everyone in the room knows the newlyweds really well.

Your comedy target depends on your role. The Groom’s focus could be himself, his Bride or he could set up the notion of a traditional double act (straight guy vs daft one).

Once the target is selected you then have to make their character a comedy one. Exaggerate their qualities. Push their weaknesses to the extreme. Think about the classic sitcom characters – Basil Fawlty (the hotel owner who didn’t like tourists), Doc Martin (the doctor who was scared of blood). Play with their opposites and create imaginary scenarios. You are granted creative licence.

We had one bride out her groom (engineering consultant) as a DIY disaster. She had examples to illustrate every era of their romance (his attempt to put up their Ikea bed when they first moved in etc) and concluded her speech with a picture of his next challenge (a cot). It worked well.

Beautiful wedding couple

Funny Wedding Speech – Dos and Don’ts


  • Ask friends and family for stories – It’s not cheating, it’s research  
  • Start writing early – ideas will keep popping in your head once you get going
  • Cut your first draft in half – having three average jokes does not add up to one big laugh
  • Read it out loud – you’ll work out your pacing and hear what works and what doesn’t
  • Get advice – Read it to a trusted mate. If you have to explain a joke it ain’t working


  • Feel you need to include every random funny anecdote in the speech – some just won’t add to the overall story you’re telling
  • Resort to googling jokes or working from templates – if you found that quip then others will have too
  • Forget to leave room for the laughs on the day – don’t spend months worrying about the speech and then swallow up the laughter by delivering your speech too quickly
  • Panic – either have a glass of vino & chill out – or let us slog our guts out on your behalf. Funny is served up regularly at our Speechy shop



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