Mother Of The Groom Speech

A mother of the groom speech is similar to the father of the bride speech (with a few subtle differences), and they’re becoming more popular. Not least, because of the rise of same-sex marriages. 

Whatever the reason for your son asking you to give a speech, make sure you relish it.

Follow Speechy’s expert advice, and you’ll create a speech your son will love and you’ll be proud to deliver. No clichés, Googled gags or potty training ‘anecdotes’.

Why Is The Mother Of The Groom Speech Special?

Traditionally, there’s not much for the groom to look forward to when it comes to the speeches. He has the pressure of delivering one but all he gets in return is comedic abuse from the best man. But why should it just be the bride’s parents who get to mark the wedding as one of life’s special moments. Whatever the gender of your child, their wedding is a big deal – for both of you. This deserves to be acknowledged, so make sure you grab this opportunity and give a great speech.

This means resisting the urge to start your speech with potty training stories (all children do it) or standing up and simply listing all his achievements (boring). Instead, paint a picture of his unique personality with your inside stories. Make people laugh, but leave them in no doubt how much you love your son and his partner.

mother of the bride speech

Mother Of The Groom Etiquette

Relax. There isn’t any.

Just be polite and welcoming, and you’ve ticked the etiquette box. You don’t need to go formal or overly posh. Just try to be a wittier version of yourself!

Don’t feel you need to thank anyone – even guests who you know have travelled far. That’s your son’s job so don’t steal his thunder.

And there’s nothing more tedious than every speaker complimenting the bridesmaids. Do that privately. Concentrate on your son and his partner instead.

How To Structure Your Speech

The structure of a mother of the groom speech is similar to a father of the bride speech. Here’s the idea…

  1. Welcome all the guests and get them laughing straight away
  2. Tell some funny anecdotes from your son’s childhood (ideally illustrating qualities that everyone will recognise in him today)
  3. Pay tribute to the man he is today. The good stuff, the lovely stuff, but most importantly, the funny stuff
  4. Recount meeting your son’s partner for the first time and how you’ve grown to love her and her family
  5. You may want to offer some funny or heart-warming advice to the married couple. Nothing too profound or pompous.
  6. Sum up a lifetime of love in approximately six minutes.

So basically your challenge is to sum up a lifetime of love in less than six minutes.

In terms of content, you could choose to concentrate on one particularly funny story or several stories that link up nicely. You may remember something from their childhood which seems particularly relevant today. Or you may want to offer some advice on how your son should behave as a husband.

Mother and Father Wedding

Mother of the Groom – The Rules

There aren’t many rules. But there is one big one. Whereas a father-of-the-bride may make fun of the groom in their speech, it’s not as common for you to make fun of the bride, so avoid this at all costs unless you’re sure they won’t be offended. But if you have any doubt, don’t. Your son’s worked very hard to get this wife and, if you scare her off, another one may not be around for a while.

If it’s a same-sex marriage, your new son-in-law may be up for a little more ribbing.

Being funny is the most important thing of all. Avoid jokes you’ve found on Google and instead rely on all the real, authentic quotes and stories you can remember.

This is your chance to write a story about your son – from the very beginning to now. You’ll amaze yourself with just how much material you’ll be able to find. Then it’s all about making it string together beautifully.

This doesn’t mean you have to have to use EVERY story. Remember, brevity is the soul of wit, so be selective and try and keep it to less than six minutes.

When you’ve written your first draft, set yourself a challenge to edit it in half. Stories, jokes and speeches are all better if they’re punchy. 

Preparing to deliver is incredibly important as – no matter how good your speech is – it won’t sound great if you rush through it. So take your time, look at the audience and don’t mumble into the mic. If you aren’t confident speaking in public, it may be worth checking out Speechy’s all-new delivery coaching service.

And that’s it! Check out the Speechy blog for lots more information and tips, but most importantly – good luck!

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