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Deliver Your Speech Like a Pro with our Speechy Delivery Masterclass

If you’re at all nervous about giving your speech, don’t be. As ex BBC TV directors, we’re trained to get the best out of you and teach you the tricks of the presenting trade. 

The Masterclass is a one-to-one Skype call with one of the Speechy team that will take between 30 and 40 mins. We’ve worked with numerous celebrities and countless comedians as part of our TV career  – helping them to get into their comfort zone and deliver the goods. And, with a few simple tips, we guarantee you will too! 

We’ll ask you to present your speech before giving you feedback & presenting tips, and then asking you to try it again. You’ll inevitably see immediate an improvement but we’ll also send you a personalised email with everything you need practise and remember on the day. It’s basically The Cheat’s Guide to Nailing It. 

Once purchased, we’ll be in touch to set up the Masterclass Skype call or you can call us in advance to check our available time-slots.

It would be helpful if you could email us your speech in advance of the Masterclass to This ensures we can advise you on overly wordy sections or prop ideas too. 

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As professional TV directors we’ve worked with presenters such as Richard Hammond, Sharon Osbourne, David Mitchell and Dan Snow amongst many others. We know how to get the best out of people and the tricks of the trade that will ensure you’re relaxed, witty and enjoy delivering your speech. Find out more about the team

Feel free to Contact Us if you have any further questions about our Delivery Masterclass. We’re happy to have a natter anytime. 

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