Rhyming Maid of Honour Speech

Maid of Honour speeches are already a highlight at any wedding lucky enough to have one. But, as good as the tributes and light mocking of the bride already are, they’re EVEN BETTER when they rhyme.

Maid of Honour rhyming speeches and poems have grown in popularity over the years. They’re a surefire winner, combining wordplay with wit, which always elicits a good response from the audience.

Here’s how to write the perfect wedding verse for the bride you’re honouring.

maid of honour speech

Maid of Honour Speech Inspo

If you’re not sure what a Maid of Honour wedding poem goes like, here are a couple of examples. Firstly…

This is a sweet, concise and funny speech, encompassing her friendship with the bride and how she met the groom.

We especially like the ‘edit/credit’ rhyme. Plus, how she ties in her policeman groom being perfect for her due to her canny ability to pick up speeding tickets. Little observations like this really make a poem stand out.

Similar to the above, this poem focusses on the Maid of Honour’s recollection of the bride meeting the groom and, subsequently, the Maid of Honour meeting him. It’s only a couple of minutes long, but works perfectly, showing you don’t have to add verse after verse just for the sake of it.

Rhyming - The Rules

This is how a finished wedding poem looks. So how do you write one?

  1. Treat it like a normal Maid of Honour speech! – It’s worth checking out our guide on how to write the perfect Maid of Honour speech because, despite it being a poem, you can still encompass everything in here. The Maid of Honour doesn’t have to thank anyone. Your job is to pay tribute to your friend on her special day with some funny anecdotes from your life together along the way. Plus, some words on the groom, of course. This will work just as well in verse form as in prose.
  2. Keep it simple! – If it was us, we’d stick to the typical, funny poem structures. AABB (four-line verses within which each couplet rhymes), ABAB (four-line verses where alternate lines rhyme) or AABBA (which is typical of limericks. Just make sure it’s a clean limerick…).
  3. Don’t write too many verses! – A typical Maid of Honour speech is five or six minutes long. But you don’t have to write a poem that goes on as long as that. Two or three minutes of poem is perfect, as you’ll probably spend a couple of minutes setting it up anyway, as both of our examples do. As with all good speeches, don’t fill the poem out for the sake of it, just choose the créme de la créme of your endless stories about the bride.
  4. Don’t panic if you get stuck! – Everyone does it. No writer can just knock out gold in one go – even the best ones. Go on a walk, do some exercise, have a bath! Push it to the back of your mind an inspiration will strike when you least expect it.
  5. Read the poem out loud! – And do it a lot! Once you’ve written it, you’ll need to practice it and the best way to do it is actually reading it. Not just to practice your delivery, but to make sure everything really does rhyme and fit into the rhythm. Once confident enough, try it again but in front of a friend or family member. You’ll nail it in no time.
bride and maid of honour

Speechy's Maid of Honour Example

Those are the tricks. But how does a Maid of Honour wedding poem look written down? Here’s an example of one, where a Maid of Honour remembers the bride meeting her now-husband on a girl’s night out.

So, I believe that you met on a girl’s night out,

Andrew fitted in well with his curls and his pout.

He soon fancied Alice from the NHS crew,

And the feelings were mutual, after a drink….or two…?!


With a wish to impress his lovely new Beau,

To romantic Nandos they did go.

A half roasted chicken, no sides, was the main,

And to all our surprise, she saw him again.


We were all very sad when Alice moved away,

But I guess it was worth it for this special day.

To the bride and the groom for whom we’re all very pleased.

And next time, Andrew, take her to Zizzi’s.

Fit in as many honest stories about the bride and the groom and everyone will be laughing, proving you don’t have to rely on run-of-the-mill gags. Poems help all of these stories come to life.

So good luck writing it, but, most importantly, enjoy the applause you’ll get after you deliver it!

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