The Process

If you decide you’d like to work with us call to book in a date for work to begin. We promise to deliver your speech within ten working days (or three if you opt for our ’emergency service’).

We’ll ask you to fill in our Inspirationnaire (which tells us all the important stuff like who’s marrying who and why) and once we’ve talked it through we’ll agree on a theme/ style for the speech before we get to work.

After you’ve read through the first draft we then offer you a two hour editing session where we edit anything that doesn’t quite sound like you. Once you’re happy (ideally overjoyed) we’ll email you the final speech. You can then take complete credit for it!

The Products

The Speechy Package

Turnaround – Two weeks from agreed start date to receiving your speech


  • Single speaker – £500

  • Joint speech (e.g. Mr & Mrs Speech) – £650


The Emergency Package

Okay we get it. You’ve left it a bit late. Call us to see if we can fit you into our Emergency Service.
Turnaround – Three working days

  • Cost:  – £800

The Shop

Single speaker:£500
Joint Speech:£650
Emergency Speech:£800