He’s been there your whole life. Sister of the groomFriends from the beginning (well most of the time). And now someone has, for whatever reason, agreed to marry him. Who better to toast him on his big day than his long-suffering sister? 

There can be many reasons a sister of the groom is chosen to read at their brother’s wedding. But, most likely, it will be in place of the ‘Best Man’ speech.

However, ignore the gender norms! A sister can be every bit the best man – if not even better. You’ve inevitably known them longer, you know all the family in-jokes and you’ve probably got considerable dirt on him. What’s better than that? To help you write your magnum opus, here are some of Speechy’s top tips for the perfect Sister of the Bride speech. Or, if you already know you need some expert help – jump to the bottom of the post to check out our Speechy Services which could help you! 


You may know your brother better than anyone. But that doesn’t mean you can just improv your way through a speech. The perfect speech requires planning!

At the heart of all wedding speeches are a collection of heartfelt and hilarious stories/memories. So it’s time to collect all the ones that make you think about your brother. Start by just having a good old think about these, noting every one down on a piece of paper. 

Then flick through photo albums, facebook, instagram – maybe even pay a trip to your family house to go through mementos.

 While you’re here, you can even get together with other family members to share memories.

This should give you plenty of material. Actually, it should give you too much material. So go back through your notes, circle the very best stories with a red pen and move onto stage two…

Content and Structure

Hopefully there’ll be some kind of theme emerging from all your stories. This is likely to centre around that one thing that perfectly sums up your brother – whether its that he’s a control freak, together you’re the perfect partners in crime or he just loves golf far too much.

 This will make it easy to decide on a theme for the speech, which will help give your speech some structure and a main story which you’ll be jumping off from and coming back to throughout.

Sister of the groom speechAlthough there aren’t really many ‘rules’ as such for something as atypical as a Sister of the Bride speech, presumably your speech will be filling in for the ‘best man’ speech.

So, it may be worth reading our advice on a best man speech or a maid of honour speech.

Either way, the basics suggest you don’t need to welcome people to the wedding. You don’t need to fit in countless thanks either. These will be handled by the father of the bride/groom himself.

Your job is just to write the perfect tribute – and poke some good-natured fun – at your brother in less than ten minutes.


Hopefully you have a good idea for a theme. If so, it’s ready to start writing!

One way we like to simplify the writing process is to split the speech into sub-headings – the sections you know will make up your speech. For example, if the theme is centred around how you’ve always been partners in crime, you’d break it down into ‘early days’, ‘examples of getting into trouble as grown ups’, ‘learning to be on the straight and narrow’, etc. Then, you’d insert any stories that fit these categories below and simply connect them when writing.

Also, if you choose this theme, bonus points for adding in crime-related language, jokes and similes. And make sure you include a section on their new bride!

Once you’ve tied the stories together and added the flair, keep going over it to ‘punch it up’ as much as you can. Be your own worst critic. Invite others to read it too, if you like. Soon it’ll be bulletproof.


Written the perfect speech? Great! Now it’s time to master it.

Sister of the groom

Practicing reading the speech over and again – whether to yourself or to anyone else who will listen – will gradually imprint it in your mind. You don’t need to know it off by heart, but the better you know it the more natural you can be on the big day.Also, bonus tip – try reading it just before you go to bed. It sounds ridiculous, but apparently this is the best time to memorise something – scientifically proven!

If you do choose to learn the speech off by heart, which can work well, just make sure you have prompt cards with you on the big day – just in case.


Now we reach the big moment – actually reading the thing!

It’s easy enough for us to say, as we don’t have to stand up in front of all our family and friends, but you really have nothing to worry about. You have a great speech and you only have to read it in front of the most loving and supportive people you know.

So just take your time, read slowly, take deep breaths, bring a glass of water with you and you’ll be fine. You’ll ease up in no time and by the end you’ll have done your brother proud.

Follow the above advice and you’ll nail the perfect Sister of the Bride speech. Although, if you have any concerns, Speechy’s all new delivery service may be for you. 

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