We love it when our clients and the wedding magazines send us a bit of love…


Lots of wedding magazines have raved about our wedding speech revolution and here’s some of the articles we’ve written for wedding bibles such as Wedding Ideas, County Weddings & Confetti. Watch out for a Speechy appearance in Rock n Roll Bride too.

country weddings 2How to Write a Mr & Mrs Speech

The 5 Speech Mistakes

How to Write the Perfect Wedding Speech

How to Deliver a Wedding Speech

The Girl’s Guide to Giving a Speech

Speech Q & A

Who Should Give a Speech

Wedding Speech Visual Aids

The Best Speeches Ever

How to Write a Funny Speech

Wedding Speech Etiquette


Sadly (for us) the Speechy service is a secret one. None of our clients admit to using us because the whole idea is they take credit for our work.

Still, lots of our clients email us to say how well their speech has gone.

Top Ten League of Totally Justified Compliments

1    ‘I had the music going, the laughs were rolling in and I had so many comments afterwards!’      GROOM

2    ‘Several people told me it was the best speech they’d ever heard!’      BEST MAN

3   ‘Do you do loyalty cards? My youngest daughter’s just got engaged too’     FATHER OF THE BRIDE

4   ‘My wife kept saying she couldn’t believe I’d written such a great speech. Obviously I didn’t’      FATHER OF THE BRIDE

5   ‘…about 20 people came up to compliment me afterwards’    BEST MAN

6   ‘I’m actually pleased my speech was filmed.’    GROOM

  ‘Thanks for suggesting the joint speech. It brought the house down.’     BRIDE AND GROOM

8   ‘(Husband) thinks I’m even cooler now’    BRIDE

9   ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you. It helped make our day even more special.’    GROOM

10  ‘My speech was so good I actually felt sorry for the best man’    GROOM

If you want to join our league of fans get in touch via our contact page