Our Mission

Speechy is on a mission to rid weddings of boring speeches. We want to save guests from tedious thank you lists and create speeches that knock the socks off the bride and groom (though it’s a safe bet she won’t be wearing any).

Here’s just a dozen of the #speechrules we work to. (We have 38 more of them if you’re interested!)

Speechy Rule 1

Aim for a laugh within the first 20 seconds.

Speechy Rule 2

‘Beautiful’, ‘soulmate’ and other clichés are banned.

Speechy Rule 3

Don’t pretend your bride is perfect. Love her for the crazy nut she is.

Speechy Rule 4

Beware powerpoint. Overplayed.

Speechy Rule 5

Nothing kills a good speech quicker than a tedious thank you list.

Speechy Rule 6

Find your humour in the world around you, not on the internet.

Speechy Rule 7

No one ever said ‘if only it was longer’. Aim for 8 mins.

Speechy Rule 8

Brilliant speeches are rubbish if the guests can’t hear them. Get a mic.

Speechy Rule 9

Film your speech on your phone whilst rehearsing. Be ruthless in your review.

Speechy Rule 10

No need to address your friends and family as ‘ladies & gentlemen’. Chances are they aren’t. 

Speechy Rule 11

Give your gifts before the speeches, not during.

Speechy Rule 12

Smile. Scientifically proven to be infectious.

Let Us Worry About The Rules...

Speechy is your one-stop shop for everything speech related.

Run by a team of renegade ex-TV scriptwriters, we help clients around the world write and deliver their dream speech.

Find all our speech templates and writing services on our home page or here’s a select few to check out now.

  • Delivery Masterclass


    Deliver Your Speech Like a Pro with our Speechy Delivery Masterclass

    Wedding speech delivery is just as important as writing a great speech. As ex BBC TV directors, we’re trained to get the best out of you and teach you the tricks of the presenting trade. 

    The Masterclass is a one-to-one Skype call with one of the Speechy team that will take between 45 and 60 mins. We’ve worked with numerous celebrities and countless comedians as part of our TV career helping them to get into their comfort zone and deliver the goods and, with a few simple tips, we guarantee you will too! 

    We’ll ask you to present your speech before giving you feedback & presenting tips, and then get keep on rehearsing it until we feel you’ve got it. You’ll inevitably see immediate an improvement but we’ll also send you a personalised email with everything you need practise and remember on the day. It’s basically The Cheat’s Guide to Nailing It. 

    Once purchased, we’ll be in touch to set up the Masterclass Skype call or you can call us in advance to check our available time-slots.

  • Speech Review Service


    Purchase a Wedding Speech Review and the Speechy wordsmiths will ensure it’s a speech to remember for all the right reasons. 

    Once purchased, simply upload your speech when prompted and our experts will ensure it passes all the etiquette and story-telling tests. We’ll also rewrite any sections that we feel are lacking and ensure your speech is one you can’t wait to deliver.

    Your ‘Reviewed Speech’ will be emailed to you within 48 hours of purchase.

    Further detail can be found below.

  • Bespoke Speech


    Commission the Speechy wordsmiths to craft a bespoke (and rather brilliant) wedding speech for you. 

    Buy today and we’ll get the ball rolling.

    Please ensure you’ve booked your speech into our calendar before purchasing. Call us on 07971 225 245 if you haven’t already.

    More details below.

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